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Crypto Market Insight May 2022 | Ewpple


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Ewpple - Crypto Market Insight May 2022
  • As a first, Fidelity plans to introduce Bitcoin (BTC) to 401(k) plans.
  • The Merge, which speeds up and lowers the cost of Ethereum (ETH) transactions, was originally expected in June, but will now take place "a few months later".
  • Last week, Ethereum (ETH) funds outflowed $17M, whereas Avalanche (AVAX), Solana (SOL), Terra (LUNA), and Algorand (ALGO) funds raked in $3.5M.
  • Maple Finance, a crypto capital markets platform, has deployed a $45 million fund to spur the growth of the Solana blockchain ecosystem.
  • Supporters are counting on Musk to make Twitter more doge-friendly as Dogecoin (DOGE) jumps 17%.
  • Stripe allows merchants to pay their sellers, freelancers, and content creators with USDC stablecoin via the Polygon blockchain.
  • With total assets under management (AUM) of $7.3B, Anthony Scaramucci's hedge fund SkyBridge Capital is working towards shifting most of its AUM to digital assets.
  • Global lawmakers must decide how to regulate cryptocurrencies based on the risks associated with them, according to Fabio Panetta of the European Central Bank.
  • The Central African Republic will allow citizens to pay taxes with crypto and allow businesses to accept crypto as payment.
  • Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and South Africa are among the top 20 countries in the Global Crypto Adoption Index, despite their relatively small economies.
Ewpple Crypto Index Fund (EWF) fell by -9.5% in 3 weeks.
S&P Crypto LargeCap Index fell by -13% in 3 weeks.

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