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What Makes Crypto Index Fund A Wise Investment? | Ewpple


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Ewpple - What makes crypto index fund a wise investment?

“By periodically investing in an index fund, the know-nothing investors can actually outperform most investment professionals.” — Warren Buffett
  • As cryptocurrencies gain traction as an asset class, a growing number of investors are taking notice.
  • Cryptocurrency is an investment in a futurist technology whose successful projects will conquer a large portion of the markets they disrupt.
  • Identifying which crypto tokens are truly valuable is the challenge.
  • Investing in index funds is almost as efficient as tracking the entire market since they provide investors with access to a market index.
  • An index fund portfolio can save you the time and effort of researching multiple crypto tokens.
  • You can also buy individual cryptocurrencies in addition to index funds and diversify your investment portfolio further.
  • Also, index funds remove the psychological biases individuals must overcome in order to manage their portfolios effectively.
  • Index funds tend to be less volatile than individual cryptocurrencies.
  • It is generally easier to purchase an index fund, such as EWF, than to deal with cryptocurrency exchanges, regulations, security protocols, and wallets for multiple crypto tokens.
  • Index funds eliminate human error and most of the inherent risk involved in picking individual assets.
  • Active trading could lead to misguided or unlucky decisions but investing in an index fund protects you from those.
Ewpple Crypto Index Fund (EWF) -6.4% in 2 weeks.
S&P Crypto LargeCap Index -8% in 2 weeks.

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