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How To Choose A Cryptocurrency Index Fund? | Ewpple

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Ewpple - How to choose a cryptocurrency index fund?

“Most investors would be better off in an index fund.” — Peter Lynch

  • Index funds are the best way to invest in cryptocurrency and grow wealth over time.
  • How can you choose a cryptocurrency index fund that meets your needs?
  • The safety of your assets is paramount. Find an index fund that is stored in your personal crypto wallet and NOT under the manager's control.
  • Ewpple Crypto Index Fund units are held in a personal decentralized crypto wallet, such as Metamask.
  • Investments in index funds protect investors from illiquid investments, small capitalizations, and scam tokens.
  • Ewpple Crypto Index Fund allows tokens from only the top 20 cryptocurrencies by capitalization to be included.
  • In order to ensure that its assets reflect the index it aims to track, the fund rebalances its token weighting composition every month.
  • Ewpple Crypto Index Fund invests in the largest and most liquid cryptocurrencies to gain exposure to the market capitalization growth of the crypto asset class.
  • S&P Cryptocurrency LargeCap Index is used as a benchmark for the Ewpple Crypto Index Fund.
Ewpple Crypto Index Fund fell by -15% in 1 month.
S&P Crypto LargeCap Index fell by -17% in 1 month.

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