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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rex IPO: Book close early today 18 Jul at 5pm as book is tight & exclusive only to Funds; expect strong upside post-listing

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Rex IPO: Book close early today 18 Jul at 5pm as book is tight & exclusive only to Funds; expect strong upside post-listing....

Market is more stable now post-Bernanke announcement that monetary policy will remain highly accommodative even as the central bank could start to scale back its bond buying later this year.

This is excellent news for IPOs/placements. Funds are CASH-RICH & are now looking at different equity asset class i.e. IPOs for future portfolio outperformance.

Rex IPO:
One IPO I want to highlight is Rex (managed by UOBKH) listing on 31 Jul. Rex's book is more exclusive and tightly held amongst about 20 Funds. Retail participation is kept to the barest minimum to prevent staggers. Book will close early today on 18 Jul 5pm at 160m shares @ SGD0.50. I strongly recommend straggler funds to participate by today as we add only funds on top of the current book. You only need to see the +300% outperformance of Rex's subsidiary Hibiscus (HIBI MK) & similar business model Lundin (LUPE LI) to gauge Rex's potential upside. Word is that some of HIBI MK shareholders are participating in Rex IPO for an easy arbitrage.

Recent well-managed with a tight-book IPO has outperformed well i.e. Isoteam (ISO SP) (+100% over 2 days) (managed by UOBKH). Looking ahead, we will be looking at potential outperformance of IPOs, Kris Energy (by BoA) listing on 19 Jul & Moneymax (by UOBKH) on 25 Jul.
My top-ideas
1.        S'pore IPO        :        Rex  
                                (thanking all participating Funds; last-call for straggler Funds; normal for many bids to come in on book close day)

2.        Other picks         :        china consumer
                                kpld sp, cct sp
                                mal gaming
                                indo banks, smgr ij
                                thai power, erw tb
DOW        : +18 (15,470); S&P +4 (1,680); Nasdaq +11 (3,610)
Good        : Oil USD106/bbl
Bad        : Nil

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